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Long time friends Daniel & Dean get together to breakdown every movie on the IMDB Top 250 list, giving their own light hearted thoughts, rankings and any general banter along the way. Along with any listener reviews and questions, the guys also battle it out with other podcasts in movie quizzes and movie drafts (That you the listener can vote on) in what we call ‘Pod v Pod’, as well as briefly discuss any other films they’ve watched recently. So come along and join the journey!

April 19, 2019

#57 - Batman Begins / Our Top 5 Christopher Nolan Films

We're back for a breakdown this week, and with Dean's pick you would suspect it would be DC related, and you'd be right! This episode is our breakdown of Christopher Nolan's 'Batman Begins'! Listen on as Daniel says 'Katie Holmes' every which way he can, Dean spends more time on Batman trivia than every other episode combined, and we both put our vocal cords to the test with our Batman voices.
As well as the breakdown, we give our 'Top 5 Christopher Nolan Films' and find out the results of our Pod v Pod XVII in our 'Stage to Screen Adaptations' draft. We reveal the matches in the final 4 of our 'Best Film of the 1960's' tournament, and then we'll find out what film Daniel is picking for us to break down next time!
So come on in and join our journey!
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Introduction (0:00)
Movie Watching Challenge Update (3:22)
IMDb Top 250 Update (4:01)
Promos: Livestream For The Cure, The Countdown (6:47)
Batman Begins Breakdown (SPOILERS) (8:44)
Final Thoughts (1:21:16)
Our Rankings (1:23:37)
Promos: InSession Film, Netflix N' Swill (1:24:48)
Listener Reviews (1:28:47)
Listener Question (1:32:15)
Our Top 5 Christopher Nolan Films (1:34:46)
Pod v Pod XVII Results (1:36:02)
1960's Film Tournament Final 4 Matches (1:37:24)
Our Next Movie (1:37:49)
Radio Public:
This episodes promos are from The Livestream For The Cure! (@Livestream4Cure ) May 17th -19th: FORTY HOURS of content to raise $7,500 for the Cancer Research Institute. We are proud to be a part of it this year!
As well as former Pod v Pod contestants The Countdown Movies & Television Reviews Podcast! (@thecountdown) Join fellow Aussies Paul & Wayne as they countdown their top 10 lists of all things movies (and occasionally TV) and bring their hilariously crude and delightful banter to each of their episodes. A very high recommend from us over here!
As well as InSession Film! (@InSessionFilm) Like movies? Like podcasts? You'll get along great! A fantastic show that gets a massive two thumbs up from us! Hear JD & Brendan every Monday and Friday. Go ahead and check them out!
And finally former Pod v Pod contestants Netflix N' Swill! (@netflixnswill) A podcast where Dan and Caleb drink the worst alcohol and pontificate about the things streaming on Netflix. Check them out!
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