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Long time friends Daniel & Dean get together to breakdown every movie on the IMDB Top 250 list, giving their own light hearted thoughts, rankings and any general banter along the way. Along with any listener reviews and questions, the guys also battle it out with other podcasts in movie quizzes and movie drafts (That you the listener can vote on) in what we call ‘Pod v Pod’, as well as briefly discuss any other films they’ve watched recently. So come along and join the journey!

June 5, 2018

#17 - Paths Of Glory / Solo: A Star Wars Story

We've ticked off a bunch off big time directors so far. Hitchcock, Chaplin, Tarantino, Nolan. Now it's time to add one of the biggest, if not THE biggest: Stanley Kubrick. So where are we starting? Why not his earliest work on the list 'Paths Of Glory'. Join us as Dean can't tell the difference between a cottage and a castle, Daniel has an unpopular favorite scene, and we both have a discussion over the difference between 'Villainous' and 'Villainess'.
As well as the breakdown, we also have a another battle in a movie quiz and find out the results of last weeks movie draft on 'Best movies with a female villain' (As well as do this weeks draft on 'Best movies from the 1950's'). We then talk about what else we've seen during the week, including the latest film in the Star Wars franchise 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'.
So come on in and join our journey!
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Introductions/iTunes Reviews (0:00)
IMDB Top 250 Update (9:48)
Paths Of Glory Breakdown (SPOILERS) (13:02)
Final Thoughts (1:09:38)
Our Rankings (1:13:53)
Listener Reviews/Questions (1:15:01)
Twitter Poll Results (1:22:43)
Pop Quiz Asshole (1:24:29)
'DvD' Challenge (1:28:58)
Next Week's Movie (1:30:50
What Else We've Been Watching (SPOILER FREE) (1:32:43)

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