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Long time friends Daniel & Dean get together to breakdown every movie on the IMDB Top 250 list, giving their own light hearted thoughts, rankings and any general banter along the way. Along with any listener reviews and questions, the guys also battle it out with other podcasts in movie quizzes and movie drafts (That you the listener can vote on) in what we call ‘Pod v Pod’, as well as briefly discuss any other films they’ve watched recently. So come along and join the journey!

February 4, 2018

#5 - Once Upon A Time In America / The Shape Of Water

With a incredibly long movie, you need an incredibly long podcast, and that is what we have delivered today with our breakdown of the 1984 Sergio Leone classic, Once Upon A Time In America. You can hear the joy in Deans voice as he expresses his fondness for this film, Daniel talks about the complexities of Max, and we discuss the ambiguous ending in deep detail. We also have a huge backlog of films we've seen recently, including most of the Best Picture nominations for the Academy Award, as well as settling the bet from the last podcast. All this and more!
So come on in and join our journey!
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IMDB 250 Update (1:46)
Once Upon A Time In America Breakdown (4:19)
Final Thoughts (1:22:06)
Our Rankings (1:26:33)
Listener Reviews (1:28:55)
Next Week's Movie (1:33:56)
What Else We've Been Watching
Home Alone (1:35:16)
The DUFF / Blended (1:35:44)
The Wedding Singer (1:35:54)
The Room (1:36:41)
Good Time (1:38:27)
The Salesman (1:41:20)
Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (1:42:14)
Murder On The Orient Express (2017) (1:42:51)
I, Tonya (1:43:33)
The Red Turtle (1:45:36)
mother! (1:46:01)
Thor: Ragnarok (1:47:08)
Colossal (1:48:22)
Logan Lucky (1:49:01)
Molly's Game (1:49:57)
The Florida Project (1:51:24)
A Ghost Story (1:52:47)
The Beguiled (1:53:23)
Only The Brave (1:42:14)
I Love You, Daddy (1:55:28)
Mudbound (1:56:14)
Paddington (1:57:20)
IT (2017) (1:58:26)
Coco (2:01:14)
The Shape Of Water (2:02:51)
Call Me By Your Name (2:05:55)
Darkest Hour (2:06:43)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2:08:14)
The Post (2:08:46)

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