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Long time friends Daniel & Dean get together to breakdown every movie on the IMDB Top 250 list, giving their own light hearted thoughts, rankings and any general banter along the way. Along with any listener reviews and questions, the guys also battle it out with other podcasts in movie quizzes and movie drafts (That you the listener can vote on) in what we call ‘Pod v Pod’, as well as briefly discuss any other films they’ve watched recently. So come along and join the journey!

May 31, 2019

#63 - The Wolf Of Wall Street / Our Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Films

Get ready to beat that chest! This weeks episode is a Patron requested breakdown from Chris Beardsell, and he's gone with Martin Scorsese's 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'! Listen on as Daniel makes one too many 'lude' comments, Deans jealous side shows up, and we both have a hard time choosing our 'Excellent'.
As well as the breakdown, we give our 'Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Films' and find out the results of our Pod v Pod XX in our '1999 Films (Not on the IMDb Top 250 List)' draft. We look at the Sweet Sixteen matches of our 'Best Film of the 1970's' tournament, and then we'll find out what film Daniel is choosing to break down next time!
So come on in and join our journey!
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Introduction (0:00)
Movie Watching Challenge Update (2:47)
Promos: The Cretins Guild, Music You're Missing (5:57)
The Wolf Of Wall Street Breakdown (SPOILERS) (8:35)
Final Thoughts (1:11:11)
Our Rankings (1:13:41)
Promos: The Cinema Guys, Jake & Tom Conquer The World (1:14:46)
Listener Reviews (1:18:36)
Listener Question (1:21:49)
Our Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Films (1:24:44)
Pod v Pod XX Results (1:25:50)
1970's Film Tournament Sweet Sixteen Matches (1:28:34)
Our Next Movie (1:29:45)
Radio Public:
This episodes promos are from The Cretins Guild! (@CretinsGuild) Jay, Corey, and Bob are The Cretins Guild. They give reviews and opinions on topics they are well viced on such as Video Games, Theme Parks, Movies, TV, Comics, WWE, Tiki,… hell they did a segment just on pizza! Check them out!
As well as Music You're Missing! (@BrendanJeanetti) Ever come across a song with millions of streams but you aren't too familiar with the artist? Brendan Jeannetti offers a chance to learn more about the up and coming recording artists behind these tracks in this interview style podcast. Listen along as these rising stars dissect their music, discuss their artistry, and share their aspirations. Check it out!
As well as The Cinema Guys! (@offthereels) 3 friends (Brad, Justin and The Cinemaiden) left unsupervised to chat movies! Check them out!
And finally Jake & Tom Conquer The World! (@thedrunkendork) Talking about comic books, movies & booze, Jake & Tom give you the show your guidance councilor warned you about!
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